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Let Anniversary become "engine", Chengdu Oaks Plaza scrambling!


Recently, a four-day celebration of the 4th anniversary of Chengdu Oakes Plaza came to an end. The data shows that at the moment when the real business in Chengdu needs to be shattered, the commercial value of Chengnan, with a total sales volume of 18.05 million yuan for three days, an increase of 66% over the previous year, has found a breakthrough in the commercial 4.0 era.


You know, 2016 may be the most difficult time for business in Chengdu, especially in the real business. Various Internet-derived business forms have come under siege. Changes in China's social consumption pattern have escalated and news of business interruptions have been shedding, leaving many physical businesses on the trail. And Oaks Plaza with a beautiful answer: Although 2016 is not the golden age of real business, but for those who can take the initiative to adapt to market changes to achieve self-breakthrough, innovation and service boost business value of the project, "across the hills, is vast Plain. "


Fourth Anniversary sales increased by 66% over the same period of the previous year, recreating the contrarian myth


Aoxi Square contrarian soared stunning performance is how to create? Relevant statistics, in the past just the fourth anniversary of Chengdu Oakes Plaza (2016.11.25-11.27) period, in addition to the entire store sales reached 18050000 yuan, an increase of 66% in 2015, the index data also rose across the board - Passenger traffic 200,000, an increase of 40% over 2015; main store sales of 11.96 million yuan, an increase of 32% over 2015; and clothing, restaurants, living facilities pedestrian street turnover also reached 6090000 yuan, an increase of 235% . In the context of a business contrarian, achieving such impressive data growth is undoubtedly a good news for the commercial market in Chengdu at the end of 2016.


It is learned that, in preparation for the anniversary, Oaks Plaza through star effects, online buy, consumer cashback, birthday party, the Russian circus and a series of online and offline combination of activities and interactions have attracted the attention of many consumers and participation. Behind these marketing mix is ​​the insight and grasp of the wave of "consumer escalation" at Oaks Plaza. Today, with the improvement of people's living standard and the renewal of consumption concept, AUX Plaza has thoroughly penetrated the characteristics of its target customers and created a business atmosphere loved by its customers, thus driving passenger flow and achieving stable performance improvement.



(Chengdu Oakes Plaza fourth anniversary lively popularity of the event)


Accurate positioning "new. Family Service", brand updates faster


Undoubtedly, the dazzling transcripts of the fourth anniversary prove that the marketplace of Ochs Square was firmly rooted in the firm business entity's business. But this is only the corner of the iceberg contrarian growth of Oaks Square, really Oaks Plaza was behind the market, is its precise positioning and positioning and the corresponding adjustment and upgrading.


After deeply analyzing the surrounding environment and the target population, OX Plaza accurately locates the "new family lifestyle" customer base, that is, the new white-collar consumer group mainly based on high-tech talent and the new household consumer group after 80 and 90. A clear and precise positioning, Oaks quickly take the initiative to adjust the direction of brand development, to start updating the brand, adding more leisure and entertainment experience format to meet the new white-collar consumer life needs, in order to create a new white-collar social platform, such as beauty, bathing, Nail Art, Fitness, while upgrading food and beverage brands, keep up with the tide of the market, increase the more themed, popular and young new catering, go to the "canteen" label, such as Creative Food pancake Road, In addition, OX Square also emphasizes the introduction of new formats in order to enrich the square user experience, including the star (China) Music Factory Star Alliance, set the first full table Korean, Lan Japanese cuisine and other exotic food and well-known fast food brand ... ... Music incubator business, performing arts content production, music base operations, Internet entertainment as one of the Chengdu cultural manufacturing complex; Merit Square, leveraging the economic effect of the introduction of one-stop marriage service platform to meet the current new family of one-stop marriage customization needs.



(Chengdu Oux Plaza view)


The construction of a series of new business combinations, the introduction of a large number of leisure, experiential, interactive and thematic merchants have made the front of the wave of consumption escalation in the city of Oax and become a distinctive commercial landmark and destination. In the face of young family groups, Oaks seize the opportunity to build a comprehensive and systematic development of children's education services. Today it is the "paradise" for children - including the first "DASH Robot Activity Center" in the country introduced by the United States on behalf of science and technology, the "Fishhill Flight Alliance" for youth aviation training, the first children's specialty in Chengdu Sports Hall "Starry Chupin", Chengdu's first children's diving "Vatican Rui parent-child Museum", Children's Racing Experience Hall, Korean children's hip-hop, piano classrooms. In addition, the dynamic Baile Gull will meet with Chengdu this Christmas, which will be Chengdu's first children's science and technology theme park. According to the person in charge of Belem, "Oax Plaza positioning, the target population and activities in children, parent-child activities are all we are optimistic about." Of course, these are just the beginning of Oakes to build a platform for children's growth education, next year There will be more new brands entering one after another, including the United States children's basketball, England's parent-child golf, children's football club, children's art space, children's theater.


A performance of the perfect anniversary celebration, has attracted the market and the industry focus on Ochs Square. In addition to its impressive sales performance in the contrarian, some people frequently asked: "So many businesses in Chengdu, why is Oaks?" In fact, how to get new opportunities for development to meet the market environment to meet the high net worth Consumer demand for the crowd, Chengdu Oakes Plaza has been constantly exploring the issue. It is through accurate positioning and brand adjustment, marketing tools and services continue to introduce new, practical action to prove the real business of spring is still.


It is understood that the end of this year, Chengdu Oakes Plaza will have more than 10,000 square meters area of ​​business appearance, 2017 and will pull the brand to file the second wave. Chengdu Oaks Square how to stir a real business in Chengdu, a pool of spring water, we'll see!

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